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Biomass is any plant-based fuel including crops, forest waste, railway ties, surplus wood from construction and demolition projects, pulp and paper by-products, even wood-based factory discards. Every fuel option we’re studying has been proposed to us by local businesses as cleaner fuel options than coal.

Lafarge Bath has a proposal to replace coal in its cement plant with low carbon fuels like weathered treated wood (such as railway ties and utility poles), construction and demolition materials, and asphalt shingles.

Research team results...

This Annual Toxic Substance Account Report has been prepared to meet the regulatory obligations specified under Section 10 for the Toxics Reduction Act and has been prepared in accordance with Section 27 (1) of Ontario Regulation 455/09, as...

In this issue:
- Public meeting Tuesday, June 27
- Looking back on 2016
- Meet Lafarge's new energy manager, Ian Scott
- Lafarge's annual boy scout tree planting event

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In this issue:
- New plant manager: welcome Scarth MacDonnell!
- Amherst Island Dry Stone Festival
- Cement 2020 fossil fuel reduction update

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Lafarge's Low Carbon Fuel Demonstration Plant - The Results are In!

  • Message from the Plant Manager 
  • Low Carbon Fuels Project Update
  • War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebrations
  • Bath’s Loyalist Roots
  • The Flight of the Royal George
  • The Lafarge 1812 Discovery Centre Story...
  • The Greener Fuel Protocol: Identifying the fuels of the future 
  • Initial Results
  • The Cement2020 Constellation of Projects
  • Community Feedback: The November 2011 Public Meeting
  • Our Project Partners
  • Energy Farm; A Brief History 
  • Biomass Combustion Trial: The Proof is in the Flame
  • Local fuels, Greener Future
  • Looking forward: the green(er) Fuels Protocol


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