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A bioeconomy is an economic system in which biological resources like forests, agricultural and aquatic ecosystems provide not just food, but also energy and environmental benefits.

  • Welcome Naga Boddu & Doug Anderson
  • Bath Plant donations
  • Queen's study on scrap tire energy use
  • Alternative fuels project update
  • Officials visit Plants using scrap tires as fuel
  • A warm welcome to our new employees
  • Safety remains#1 priority for new plant manager
  • Bath plant recognized for its environmental efforts
  • Turning Scrap Tires into Cement: A Fact Sheet
  • A Message from the Plant Manager
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; Lafarge lends a hand and much more
  • About Lafarge
  • Scrap Tires as Fuel
  • Welcome new staff!

Dean Del Mastro MP, Peterbough announces the Eco Energy Innovation Initiative. Bath Cement Plant Manager, Richard Sebastianelli, announces the launch of their Low Cabon Fuels Project. Richard Adamson, Managing Director, Carbon Management Canada...

Industry experts give their take on why the new Low Carbon Fuels Cement Project is a step forward for alternative fuels in Canada. Dean Del Mastro MP, Peterbough Ontario announces the Eco Energy Innovation Initiative.


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