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Rising fossil energy prices, concerns over the security of energy supplies and mounting evidence linking fossil energy use to global climate change have all increased interest in developing new technologies, management strategies, and the transformation to a new economic model – a sustainable bioeconomy.

Darko Matovic discusses his role in the Cement 2020 Project

Biomass will be delivered to the Bath plant in bales after harvest. Solid biomass fuels are most efficient when finely ground – and biomass grinds will be blown from the bottom of a silo into the burner chamber where their stored energy will be...

Does biomass reduce greenhouse gas?

Lowering CO2 emissions is the primary target of fossil fuel replacement with biomass. Combustion of fossil fuels and biomass both produce CO2.

BUT when biomass grows it takes CO2 out of the...

The figure above illustrates the steps in producing fuels from plant on a farm to the final use in a cement plant.

New Energy Project

Sustainable Bioeconomy Centre at Queen’s University

SWITCH, Kingston’s...


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